Life is Precious
To forget something you love to protect it, or to remember something you love but lost to avenge it?


"A very good question. However the fault in it is the fact that the outcome of both cases in the same.

If you forget something you love to protect, then you do not protect it. 

If you remember something that you lost to avenge it, then you failed to protect it therefore you did not protect it once again.

In my case i will not go with any of these options.”

"That is not true, Mister. You are viewing this problem from your own vantage point and not of the situation as a whole. The outcome is the same for you and I if we chose either option.

"However, for those we love, the outcome is vastly different. If we chose to forget, those we love will be safe though we have ‘lost’ them in our mind. Only the second option is true loss, because only your misery is attained.

"The first option provides the best outcome of this situation."



Hats. Simply… So many drawn sketches of hats, various designs and drafts of some kind of strange tricorn meant for a lady of worth. The front was longer than the back, and several feathers stuck out from the back. One of the pinned up sides was held up by a pin, copper wings nestling behind it. There was a fabric sample too, a burgundy colour with darker sienna, patterning it in a way that could portray wealth. There was even an actual feather - a pheasant’s by the look of it. Among the drawings and screwed up pieces of paper, several ciphered letters remained still, stylised hearts marking the envelopes they were kept in.

There were keys too, pens and pencils. Calculator, set square and protractor, various other things used in design. A small box of pills lay in one corner - antidepressants, and one particular, yellow pill all on it’s own, though kept in a small clear box like it held some grave meaning.

Of course, this was Felix’s desk in the lab, nothing of value truly resided here - at least, nothing of value he didn’t want found. Upon the top of the desk were several files - equations and research, neatly organised by topic: Ether Energy, Conversion and Manipulation. They sat next to the stapler, and next to a now curiouser - but expanded, four-way chess set. It was in various states of disarray - the red pieces seemed to be mauling the clear ones, with the black ones preparing some kind of chain reaction. The blue pieces were seemingly waiting, either for some elaborate plan to pursue, or perhaps simply watching the carnage with great interest. These pieces were all glass, or perhaps even crystal, a suit of cards etched on each player’s side: White had diamonds, red had hearts, blue had clubs and black of course had spades.

Felix’s work was however, by this act, rudely interrupted by his discovery of the small girl looking through his things. Having just walked back into the lab with a fresh mug of coffee, he watches for a moment more to see if she notices, before taking himself over and placing a hand upon her shoulder.

"Mira…? Might I ask for an explanation?"

The little Messenger glances over her shoulder to flash Felix a broad smile. Of all the various objects arranged upon the inventor’s desk, Mira was most captivated by the research files laid about, and they were the focus of her attention when he spoke.

"I was tidying up shelves and labeling equipment as you had asked before I noticed the files upon your desk." She began. "Your research in the conversion and manipulation of this… ‘ether’ energy sounds very interesting, Mister Felix, and I apologize if I am being intrusive. I am familiar the laws of thermodynamics and entropy management, so I was drawn to your work. If you wish, I will be more mindful of your research and will stop asking questions, but I do find it deeply fascinating."

Mira placed her own small hand upon Felix’s casting her eyes down to their fingers as she waited for his reply. Work in energy, something Spero was more than intimately versed in. Would such knowledge be brought forth into the light here in Valoran? Would her family find friends or foe if that occurred? There were many questions raised, some frightening, many exciting. With her small grasp upon his person, Mira gently nuzzled her head against his arm.

"I also noticed your work on the hat. It is for a woman is it not? Perhaps for the woman that has been troubling you lately? I think it is very thoughtful if you are making it for her, and I apologize if I thought wrongly. You do not seem as gruff and stern as you appear, Mister Felix. I hope you notice and cherish that fact. There is always room for more good people in this world."

"Excuse me! Excuse me, Miss!" Ashen hair and emerald eyes bounced as the petite woman sprinted up with gaze trained upon the whirring techmaturgy of her right arm. "May I ask a personal question about the origins of your prosthetic? Specifically, I find it interesting that you have such fluid movements. Is there perhaps a neural interface at the joint?"


Alexandra stopped her stroll to turn at the girl that addressed her. Surprised that they would approach her, she looked down at the girl and tilted her head. Certainly a lot of people were curious about her arm but most would make their own assumptions rather than ask. 

As fluid as they are, my movements are far from natural. However I am not a technomaturgist and my engineering knowledge is at a basic level, something one would learn from their tutors. You will have to ask the creator of this prosthetic for the details”

However I believe with my basic knowledge about this augment, there is wiring connecting it directly to my spinal cord, perhaps the origin of how I am able to move the long lost limb as if it was my own. The spinal augment I believe doesn’t even touch the spinal cord, rather transfers the impulses my nerves used to, using  low charge electricity and serving as the nerve extension I lost along with my arm” 

( mirathemessenger )

"I do not think that you should underestimate the flexibility of your mind, Miss! I am sure that the movements of your limb are a result of your mind’s ability to adapt. The spinal augmentation only serves to bridge the impulses directed as you have said."

Mira smiled brightly before strafing around the mechanized limb. Emeralds danced upon the intricacies of the plating covering the inner workings and focused upon the glimmering lights from within. The prosthetic was a masterful fusion of various realms of thought. There was techmaturgy in its construction, a dance between the natural studies of magic and mechanics. Then, there was the joining of its interface to Alexandra’s nervous system in the union of man and machine, steel and soul.

The girl’s pupils dilated to capture every detail, inscribing them upon her memory for later recall and analysis. Where others may have seen fear in Alexandra’s limb, Mira saw hope for many others. Still, she chided herself for being impolite and reigned in her burning curiosity, and turned to smile at the woman who shared herself with the messenger.

"I am sorry, Miss, but I have yet to introduce myself! I am Mira the Messenger, of Spero, and I wish to thank you for letting me observe your arm. May I ask who the designer of this prosthetic is?



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►For one week, Maurice will teach yoga as an instructor at the Piltover Academy of Science and Progress. For seven days, he will enlighten an entire class how to breathe, stretch, and prosper through the joys of yoga! Have fun!


"Hmm… It has been a long time since I have given significant focus to my flexibility. I think vincethewanderer would like to join your class!”

Stalwart Sentinel

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"Every civilization has needed a defender, a guardian against the harshness of reality at times, those who would protect the weak and ill. This is the sentiment that drives the Guardian class of Spero. A Guardian’s strength is not for smiting foes or quelling opposition, it is for holding up those that are weaker out of love.

"Galio is much like the Guardians of my home. I have read much about the Champion, and I find him inspiring. For those that we love, I do not believe there is anything that we would not do to protect them. Though we may not always succeed, I hope that we can always try again. 

"For Galio, I double my hopes."

Straight as an arrow

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"Throughout Piltover, I see the increasing use and modification of firearms. Sheriff Caitlyn is known for her marksmanship with a hextech rifle, and even Jayce’s mercury cannon is a highly developed, projectile weapon.

"Within Spero, augmented weapons designed in the spirit of traditional bows and crossbows make up the majority of ranged weaponry for the city’s defense. I assume my familiarity with them is the reason I am more comfortable around bows then guns.

"I wonder who this Markswoman is? I do not see her often but forgetting a unique bow like that is difficult. If she notices me, I should most definitely say hello! New friends are always welcome."


"Never enough hours in a day for good deeds!"

"Those are my sentiments exactly! Do you want to deliver bread to the homeless with me?"